Check out the lucky chair at Slow Kitchen that changes between 6 gifts every 10 minutes, and be warned, some of these gifts may get you sugar high! (There are 3 other gifts not shown here.)

Sugar and Spice and something nice.
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_check_wanpi (lucky chair)
Hair: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_hair(lucky chair)

Chocolate: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_addict (lucky chair)
Chocolate in mouth: (Slow Kitchen)choco_sticks (lucky chair)
Speech Bubble:(Slow Kitchen)"LOVELY!" (lucky chair)

Eyes Attachment: (Slow Kitchen)Heart_beating_eyes!! (lucky chair)

Spice and something nice:

You must join 69 group if you are a hair lover/afk lover/both because they are giving away an awesome color changeable beret hair and a really stylish AFK vanity booth. Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices to get them.Also remember to pick up this dollarbie diamond necklace from Bandit for their anniversary celebration (shown in last pic).

Sugar and Spice and something nice
AFK Booth: ::69:: AFK TOOL "Cosmetics" (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)

AFK Booth: ::69:: AFK TOOL "Cosmetics" (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)

Hair: ::69:: DEAREST + BERET Hair - lightbrown (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)
Necklace: Bandit Jewelry Shop Anniversary free Diamond necklace (1L)

Have a fun day!!


omg, fabulous

ding who makes those brown maryjanes you're wearing in the first pic? *WANT*


28/1/09 10:16 PM  

Those flats are Mina from Truth

29/1/09 12:27 AM  

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