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Albero has just opened a new area and there are some interesting valentine themed stuffs (till 2/14)/ cheap stuffs/ free stuffs to grab. It's a nice place to take a stroll.

While I was there, I came across a very interesting photo frame at N326. This is not your ordinary photo frame. Slideshows of up to 30 pics could be played with various transitions (zoom in/out, slide left/right), pictures could be shown in different ways (sephia, retro, dirt), frames are scripted to be changeable and it's modifiable, thus resizable. What's best still is that you can try out your luck for this great frame at N326 mainstore's lucky chair that changes every 10 minutes. I know you will need them, so just go and wait! (or buy it 100L @ albero here)

Also while you are waiting, please do check out the rug that is scripted to change it's shape and preloaded with 17 animations (Thanks Mame for showing me!). One cool thing about the rug is that everyone can use the animations regardless they are in or out the rug. Just touch the rug and animate yourself (sit on ground) right at where you are standing.

Slideshow frames!
Photo Frames: N326 slideshow (10 mins lucky Chair or buy it 100L @ albero here)
Rug: N326 carpet circle trance (200L)
Hair: W&Y72 (1L)

Have a great weekend!


Just so yall know...I went to go pick up the frame and it was 250L. :)

1/2/09 8:14 AM  

there's a 100L version outside the albero shop, for a limited time only.

1/2/09 8:33 AM  

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