Strawberry Hunt.

[UPDATE] Thanks to those who help me out at the hunt!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!

A great hunt with lots of great gifts happening in Strawberry Field, but it's ending tomorrow, so I have to give you what I have right now. There are 31 altogether. Oh before I forget, you are looking for strawberries in all sizes. :) Here are the coordinates.

62/103/22 Slink Mary Janes
16/95/24 Slink Leather Jacket Skirt Blood
46/86/24 Slink Dress Pants
39/74/24 Slink Men's Skull Shirt

47/108/21 PixelMode #1: Leopard Shoes
33/27/21 PixelMode #2: Leopard Purse
124/118/21 PixelMode #3: Scarf
64/156/23 PixelMode #4: Skirt
20/231/23 PixelMode #5: Top
91/221/36 PixelMode
#6: Skin

30/96/26 Southern Creations candle (pink)
22/65/23 Southern Creations candle (red)

51/54/22 Southern Creations Candle Red set
82/109/24 Southern Creations Candle Cream set

48/84/24 DFD Promo Skins
20/54/24 DFD Obsession Dress

97/20/54 Tuli: Elizabeth Skins -Sunkissed (Fern)

43/87/21 Damiani Gabrielle special edition ( in the bucket of apples)

108/20/45 Bahia Chain Light

84/186/20 Primoptic Glasses Gift Certificate (Under the Bridge)

46/94/17 Belleza Skins (Under water in the pond in the cafe)

113/98/29 Step Up 'Dodge'
128/78/48 Step Up 'The Pozers'

118/133/10 Step Up 'Predator'
144/100/22 Step Up 'Beach' (in the pail)
75/164/23 Step Up 'Complicty'

154/100/22 Digital Dream Gift

50/63/24 Canimal 1 of 3 Deadly Seduction
75/81/23 Canimal 2 of 3 (under the platform) Cutsie Tanks and Necklace.
39/165/43 Canimal 3 of 3 Capris and earrings

22/135/22 Individual Photo


You know . . . this information was not posted with the permission of the Strawberry Fields Cafe. In fact, it’s posted with their express disapproval. The reason for having a scavenger hunt is to get people to spend time in the cafe and really get to know the build. With cheats like this, you not only ruin the purpose of the event, but you force the Cafe owners (and the hard working people who contributed prizes) to cut the event short. Why? Because people are just going through your list and snapping up prizes without even paying attention to the cafe.

There’s nothing wrong with a cheat sheet if the event coordinators approved. But I know for a fact that they didn’t, so I hope you take this posting down.

24/8/08 10:38 AM  

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