Call me~!

Free (probably limited) special gift from Emery (located at 2nd floor along with new releases). Need I say more?

Outfit: Emery - Gift Outfit Call Me! (0L)

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Galadhriel Montagne, I got the skin here, and here it is!

Skin: [the oBscene]@ CNS SIM: OPENING GIFTVENUS-Quartz-SKALDi

While waiting to get into the CNS hunt to get the obscene skins (anytips, anyone?), here's a short update:

MAI has a very pretty tan skin for free at the same place where they put out the free eyes and undies. Join Mai-Update Group and get the skin here.
Skin: ..::MAI::.. Gift Mai Skin (0L)
Hood: Gritty Kitty: Marv the Monster Hat (160L, color changeable, extremely cute!)

There's a new free coat/trench/dress in Jill, get it now!
Jacket: *+*JILL*+*Wool coat-Mustard (0L)

Please enlighten me with the location of the obscene gift in the CNS hunt! I promise I'll be good XD.

Thanks to Jaxie Oceanlane's info, there's a cool outfit at Alphamale on sale at a price of 98L (Usual price 498L), don't know how long this last, but hurry!

Outfit: Alphamale - Winter coat outfit - Blue

Enjoy the weekend!

More updates on Crush row! Obscene Skins @ Crush Row has finally put out their turkeys (three of them altogether, 1L each), so hurry down and get them!

From left to right:
Skin: [the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-CHASKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)
Skin:[the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-ALMiKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)
Skin: [the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-YAXEKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)

I also found something really interesting on Crush row. I'd like to call this a home for the landless. Just buy this house for 10L here and wear it and you are at home wherever you go!

Portable House: RENT SUCKS! (10L get it here)

Archange has also updated their weekly group gift, and this time it's a pretty gown. Join Archange group, activate your tag and get it here.

Gown: *Archange : Carlye- Orchid (Join Archange group and get it here)

Have a great Friday night!

Other than dresses and girly stuffs, you can also find a couple of men's tees at Crush row.

Crush Row
From left to right:
Top:! 7th. Street @ Crush Row:- I Love 7th. Street (1L)
Top:>TRUTH<@ Crush Row: Skyline Tank Upper [Coffee Run] (0L)
Top: [VonD]@Crush Row: Sea Turtle (1L)

Hope you all have fun! =D

Pick up the little turkeys at Crush row (from now to 11/27) either in stores or outside the shops, there's something for everybody~! I believe there are some stores that haven't put out the turkeys yet (such as Obscene, which will be putting out something sometime this week), so keep checking back, but so far, the gifties (ranged at 0L-1L) that I got are awesome too! Also check out the freebies and some neat stuffs (less than 15L) not in the turkey, around Crush row.

From left to right:
Top:>TRUTH<@ Crush Row: Skyline Tank Upper [Coffee Run]
Top:! 7th. Street @ Crush Row:- I Love 7th. Street
Top: *BOOM* @ Crush Row:Thanksgiveaway Turtleneck-Hot Cocoa
Outfit: Sn@tch!@ Crush Row:Happy Thanksgiving

It's never too early to dress up for christmas, shown below are some sweet costumes at great prices that you can get at COL, Royal Designs and Crimson Shadow.

From left to right:
Outfit: [CoL] - Gift - Christmas Elf! (from COL's subscribo)
Outfit (including shoes): Royal Designs: Christmas outfit (1L)
Outfit (including shoes): Crimson Shadow: Holidays Corset and Jewellery Set (50L)

Have a great weekend!!

It's Thursday!

Will keep this short and simple. One thing to take note, when you are at MAI, also remember to check out the free eyes located beside the underwear set, they are sparkly and watery, perfect!

free stuff
From Left to Right:
Dress:*Clover* Gloria Dress (0L)
Dress: [SL] In the Spotlight 11/15/08 Group Gift (Touch Subscribo and get it 1L here)

free stuff
From Left to Right:
Top: *Ki2* Mystery Dollarbie 11/15/08 (1L)
Underwear:..::MAI::.. Free Gift (0L)

Have a great night!

Thanks to Jojorunoo of Runo Runo's info, Argrace is giving away an awesome rocking chair/bed for free to celebrate the opening of their new store. The blanket on the chair/bed is scripted so you can cover your legs for those chilly nights and put it away when you are feeling warm. The chair are meant for couples too. Read the instructions to learn more.

*ARGRACE* Mellow Chair (Opening Gift)

*ARGRACE* Mellow Chair (Opening Gift)

Hurry down to get yours now!

Loved the look of my fashion guru, Gala in the post and I have to show you how much I love this look in today's deal with my manhips and new skin.

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Hair: *+creo+* Moni Hair* Temari-Biscuit (50L)
Outfit:xxYOMESHOUJOxx {{group gift}} no,1 (Join ++Yome Shoujo++ and check notices)
Gloves: *+creo+* Wool Gloves & Socks (0L)

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Outfit: SYSY's Fabulous Fashion gift - blue set (subscribo gift)

I will stick with my skinny ass because I love it. Don't hate me for looking good in manhips.

Good night.

The reason I said that is because, using the trackpad on my macbook, I accidentally bought the Minajunk Badskin FATPACK. T-T. I was shocked, helpless and hopeless, and was at the brink of insanity. Then I thought, instead of crying over spilt milk, I should just post something along with the beautiful skins that I just got. I hate myself now for not making this mistake during the CSR period. One card wasted. -.-

Anyway, there's this really cute Katatonik dress up for grabs for a limited time.

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Pink02
Dress: *katat0nik* (pink) Freebie Star Dress (0L)

And there's this lucky chair in Church of Luxe that changes gifts and alphabets every 5 minutes, and here is one of the dresses.
Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Dress: [CoL] - Gift - Igraine - Blue (lucky chair)

Last but not least, a new release and a new dollarbie from Bingo!:

Skin: Minajunk:BAD BlueBrown02
From Left to Right:
Skirt: {Bingo} Felicia Gray Skirt (50L)
Dress:{Bingo} Leaf Light Green (1L)

That's it for now, let me go hide aside and mourn for my lindens.

Tuesday Updates

Two really cute dress from Honey*Soul and ::C'est La Vie!:: for free that looks very appropriate for the cold weather:

From Left to Right:
Dress:::C'est La Vie!:::Checkdress rose (0L)
Dress: Honey*Soul:Dot Tunic (0L)

And there's a set of three poses for free at Torridwear:

Poses: *TorridWear* - Freebie!

Happy Tuesday!

Two more items I got today from the lucky chair at Endeavor. Changes every 10 minutes and various great gifts to be won.

From Left to Right:
Endeavor: Ethnic dress blue (lucky chair)
Endeavor: Foxy Lady green (lucky chair)

Three free outfits for grab, from *+*Jill*+*, a.C store and Girl Style and don't know when it will poof, so hurry.

nice dresses
From Left to Right:
*+*Jill*+*:CMD-Black (0L)
a.C store: a.C STD - Friends Gift
Girl Style: GS*GroupGIFT*Rose Glamor* (Join GirlStyle Group and get it here)

Good night!

Ingenue mini hunt

Ingenue also has a very beautiful dress for the group. Touch the subscribo board (the one beside the dress poster) to join.

Dress: Ingenue ~ Bye Bye Baby ~ Plum (Subscribo Gift)

Only 3 little gift boxes to be found at Ingenue store, I don't know for how long, but these outfits are absolutely stunning, so get them ASAP.

From left to right:
Outfit:Ingenue ~ Mama Loves Mambo ~ Pink
Outfit:Ingenue ~ Polynesian Princess ~ Lilac
Outfit:Ingenue ~ Good Luck Charm ~ Aqua

Have fun~!

Be nice!

I am writing this post for Vent (he would be too nice to do this) regarding on the comment for this post.

"no-one would ever wear nazi symbols, that would be considered blasphemy, but for some reason there is no problem to wear symbols that belonged to a regime that killed at least twice as many people...

think about it. or study some history. and then you understand that you might as well be wearing black swastika in red circle with SS over it and thank the designer for sending this 'cool shirt' to you!!!

would you please not wear this CCCP shirt and would you also remove this picture. it hurts people. be considerate.

We would like to say sorry if anyone did get offended by the shirt and we swear that we didn't mean it and thank you for informing us about this. Vent could have easily removed the post, if you have told Vent nicely. I don't know how that comment sounded to you all, but to me at least, it sounded harsh and made Vent looked like some ignorant idiot who did that on purpose. I wanted to tell you the point is, we bloggers' jobs are to inform, and we post whatever we get. If we posted something wrong, we would gladly remove it with a valid reason, but with harsh comments like that, you are upsetting us. If you get offended and hate us, don't even bother to read the blog, the purpose of this blog is to inform , not to draw unnecessary drama.

That's all I want to say for now. Sorry if I offended anyone.


A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. Join Maitreya subscribo here to get 15 pairs of basic pumps in a variety of colors.

maitreya pumps
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps (Join Maitreya subscribo here to get)

Hurry down to get yours now!

New items on Aoharu lucky chairs! Changes every 10 mins and very worth the wait!

On Ding: AOHARU: SweetDressCoat (lucky chair)
On Vent: AOHARU: AllInOneDenim_Green (lucky chair)

Seriously short update just to inform. Have a great night!

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