I went to the hair fair the other day and out of all the freebie and dollarbie bags I got, I like the tees from the bag given by CRUSH FACTORY the most.

Tops: Crush Factory @ Hair Fair: Porn Happens, Strippers, That Guy (1L part of the CF gift bag)

A little tutorial for those of you that haven't know: Showing invisible objects.


If you look at the picture of me on the left above, you can see the AV that you usually see. However when you type CTRL+ALT+T, reddish area will be shown, and those the invisible objects that you can't usually see. The picture on the right, is a picture where invisible objects are shown, and you can see that I have facelights on. That explains why sometimes the avatar rendering cost shown is high even when you are naked, because there are still invisible objects attached to you!

That's it for today, have a great day!


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