Be a 1 prim AV.

[UPDATED:] I am sorry if I offended anyone by showing their picture without permission.

Despite all the infos regarding to take of prim items, AO and scripts before going to the hair fair to reduce lag; to my astonishment, people are still wearing as much prims as they could, thus the laggy situation in the fair sims.

Let me show you how to do the math : Higher prims = Laggier place
There is a way where you can know how much prims an AV is worth.
1. Toggle the Advance Tab on top of your window (Ctrl+Alt+D)
2. Click Rendering
3. Then Click Info Display
4. Then Click Avatar Rendering Cost

Then, you will see little numbers on top of everyone's head. The more prims you are wearing, the higher the number is.

Picture 2
* Numbers are enlarged to be seen easier.

When this number gets extreme, it might go up to this (per person):

Picture 5
* Numbers are enlarged to be seen easier.

Can you imagine how these numbers will contribute to the lag to the hair fair? If everyone took off every single attachment on them (no you don't need any hair since you are shopping for new ones, and no you don't need the shoes because you can always fly), and be as less prim as one can be in the hair fair, how great would that be? Everyone can't wait to see what's new and up in the fair, but with that lag, chances are that people might miss out all the fun in the hair fair. If you happen to read this post, and is going to the hair fair, be considerate, help reduce the lag, be a 1 prim AV.


You got a picture mine without authorization!!!!
This is not good and I intend to report to Linden Labs.

24/8/08 12:50 AM  

You can talk about avatar prims this is VERY IMPORTANT, but without to use personal images without permission.
I didn´t like about it and I would like to cover my image.

24/8/08 12:54 AM  

My friend told me about a picture mine here. OMG I am almost without clothes, and I was using clothes. So HOW you put a picture WITHOUT ASK permission to put here? You can talk about waht you want but must be take care about people. Use black squares in faces, anything...Anyway you made a mistake and I hope my privacy stays secury.

24/8/08 10:14 AM  

Saori and Kyra: Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives.

no one would know it was you unless you told them, like you did in this post.

24/8/08 11:03 AM  

ok I am talking now. I don´t want my picture in public.

24/8/08 11:08 AM  

thank you so much for this post, i have done my research (ok not really i was went home and tried everything i owned) and (drumroll) found that i own a prim hair that is only 16..... now i have saved an outfit called "for when i go to laggy places"

24/8/08 6:35 PM  

Thank you for posting this!!

I wanted to...just ___ (insert violent word) people who were bling tards and primmy @ the Hair Fair!

I showed up bald, shoe-less and the whole bit. I hope others will be considerate too.

25/8/08 8:26 PM  

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