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Another busy week coming up, Hair fair is here and I should be collecting free hair right now, but I haven't even have the chance to even TP in. However, a couple of groups and a midsummer feather gift hunt kept me busy at the moment.

The feather gift hunt at Hotel Swan is an interesting one, because the feather falls from the sky once in a while, and they are random gifts from awesome creators (which includes mimikri, mirai style, swallowtail, emery, etc). The catch of this hunt is that the feathers that you are looking for are not permanently at the place to be found. You need to be FAST and right click and touch it a couple of times before it disappear. This hunt will end 31st of August so you have ample time to wait for the right feather to fall from the sky. My advice to you is to zoom your camera so that you are viewing from above, that will make things a lot easier. So far, I have gotten these (along with a couple of gifts from groups stated):

feathers and gifts
From Left to Right:
Hair:*+MiraiStyleGift+*.+*Hane*+.Cocoabrown [MS]; Outfit:Glanz: Lingerie Set; Shoes:SOlbers Madrid black
Hair:*+MiraiStyleGift+*.+*Hane*+.Black [MS]; Hairclip:Swallowtail Pearl Hairclip; Dress:Mirrors*+Aniflo Zebflo
Outfit:Mimikri - Some Olives/Gift
Outfit (including shoes):Gigt from haute couture designs (Join Ewing Events VIP Group and check notices)

Hair:{fascino} Bud Honey
Dress:*PERSONA* Debutant dress - pink
Bag:Hotel Swan: Mavui Bag (Join Hotel Swan and check notices)
Nails:Candy nail #SW Knit Bonbon

feathers and gifts
From Left to Right:
Top and accessories:~Vette's Boutique~ Vain Inc. Group (from Vain Inc Group)
Top:*Ki2* Lady of the Pins Green (from Starlust Group)


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