Everyone's doing it.

That's why I think I am responsible to do it too : ) Lemania has an apple hunt on (20 apples altogether), where each of the apple (1L each) contains a part of the 40s outfit and there are 15 apples to be found altogether. On top of that, there are 5 more bonus apples (one of them is 10L, the others are 1L or free) for two other outfits. So here is what you get:


The coordinates for this 15 piece ensemble is as below (1L each):
Apple#1 87/36/22
Apple#2 67/45/2
Apple#3 39/45/22
Apple#4 148/205/22
Apple#5 235/228/22
Apple#6 192/24/25
Apple#7 191/12/31
Apple#8 206/69/21
Apple#9 251/102/21
Apple#10 174/137/23
Apple#11 165/143/28
Apple#12 167/181/21
Apple#13 193/229/21
Apple#14 216/195/21
Apple#15 236/172/25

This is the two extra outfits from the 5 bonus apples. (1 of them cost 10L, the others at 1L each)
apple gift
The coordinates for the left outfit are:
Apple beret 225/143/21
Gift 2 245/56/21
Gift 3 151/129/28
Gift 5 106/9/21

The coordinates for the right outfit is:
Golden Apple Gift 206/87/21

And the weekly group gift for Lemania is this:

Lemania GG
Dress:Lemania: Dollie Dress (1L)


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