Oh No!

A good news and a bad news.
This will tell you the bad news.

viva la glam

Yes, Viva La Glam has been torn down and is closing down and is filled with unusual signs. You think this is a hoax? Read this:

viva la glam
" Viva La Glam has been taken by a goup of inhabitants from Planet Zeenu. We are giving the Humanoid owners approximately a month and a half in earth time (october 11) to complete their usage of this space. During this period they will be selling a majority of products at reduced discount rates. Please consolidate your visits during this time period for the end of Viva La Glam is near."

The good news about this bad news is that everything is on a markdown at Viva La Glam, and you get this dollarbie as a gift from the Zeenu inhabitants.

viva la glam
Necklace: [VG] Exotic Zeenu Necklace - 1L


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