Not so blue Monday

If you have already forgotten, I am here to remind you to join VAIN inc group, as they are only open for enrollment this couple of days, and that's it. You will get tons of designer stuff (furnitures, skins, outfits, accessories) worth 1000s of lindens as gifts when you join. What are you still waiting for? and also Edge Grafica has some nice punky stuff for grabs, free!

These are the compilations of what I got from VAIN inc group and Edge Grafica.

edge grafica
Skin: QS Skin from VAIN inc group: Darjeeling
Bracelet: Edge Grafica: Spiked Bracelet
Top From Left to Right:Edge Grafica: Border Tank Top - White; White and Black Pullover
Bottom:Edge Grafica: Half Pants
Socks:Edge Grafica: Over Knee Socks - White

Skin: QS Skin from VAIN inc group: Darjeeling
Dress: OOpS! bag from
VAIN inc group: Gangsta

Kunglers is also giving away a pink dress as their new weekly gift.

Dress: Kunglers: Pink Dress With Nail Polish

Will update you as soon as I get something new. Bye for now!


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