Long Awaited Poo

Hi there, it's me Venturino and I have brought you some great hunt updates!

Long Awkward Pose has been playing games with us for the past weeks hinting us that there is a hunt, and behohld, the long awaited hunt is here! Around 60 poses (including group poses, girls and boys AO) packed in 15 shit could be found around the store. Don't worry, you have a lot of time (an entire week) to get these shits, but here I am, with the coordinates for those of you who have trouble finding them (or just plainly lazy to look for yourselves). Have fun!

Pose: LAP: Shit#10:Being Boys

On Venturino
(on the left):
Hair: [SeraKorea]: Male Hair : Young men's hair style - Black
Skin: [SeraKorea]: Male Skin PEACH TYPE Skin_Bushy
Glasses:[SeraKorea]: GLASS S

Pose: LAP: Shit#14:Three monkeys

Pose: LAP: Shit#11:Cheesy Three

Shit #1: 222/33/21
Shit #2: 188/24/23
Shit #3: 148/13/21
Shit #4: 152/49/21
Shit #5: 208/48/31
Shit #6: 235/37/23
Shit #7: 196/33/25
Shit #8: 213/31/21
Shit #9: 254/18/21
Shit #10: 152/15/20 (Under the Bridge)
Shit #11: 138/2/24
Shit #12: 152/2/21
Shit #13: 179/54/31
(at the corner of the roof, SMALL!)
Shit #14: 233/54/28
Shit #15:

Also, you should go check out SeraKorea, it has tons of freebies from apparel to hair to skins to shapes to wings to avatars to electronics and food (phew, that's a lot), all for 0L.


i linked here from another blog, this is so helpful - especially since I don't have much time to be on SL. Thanks for the post <3

20/8/08 12:44 AM  

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