Thursday Humor.

Bijou has given out a new gift to celebrate their newly renovated mainstore, the new free item is located along with other old gifts at the first floor of their humongous store. M&R Cupcakes has given their group members a series of limited edition new skin along with the launch of their new skins, join M&R Cupcakes Group and check notices to get it.

skin and outfit
Outfit: bijou: *FREE* Snap
Skin: M&R Cupcakes:Plush: Tamarind - SUPER CATEYE (group gift, check notices)

After all the drama that happened in Armidi regarding the notorious Facelight 3000, (although Armidi has unbanned this) Ephemeral and me decided that we should follow the trend and do the 'IN' thing.

facelight 3000

IM me in world if you are interested to own the infamous Facelight 3000 and I'll pass you one! Make SL a brighter place!


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