First Attempt to Hair Fair.

I finally made it to the hair fair! I haven't have the chance to look at each and every store, but I have already gotten a couple of freebies and dollarbies around. Who said you are getting free hair only in hair fair? I managed to get a couple of tees and a cute dress from various different vendors. (Most of the goodstuff are at pink sim, and they are all either freebie or dollarbie)

hair fair
Hair from left to right:Dernier Cri- Rachel-Black, Miya - Black; Laqroki -September; Dernier Cri-Miya - Black
Tops from left to right: Dernier Cri - Pink Flowery Tank, Green T; Laqroki - It's just a wig tee; Dernier Cri - Orange Fishy T
Sunglasses: Laqroki- Pilot Shades Brown

Hair:Laqroki -September
Dress:*katat0nik* (olive) Ghostfire Dress - HAIR FAIR


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