Sim Opening with gifts.

Juicy Bella sim is added to Juicy! Sim launched today. Lots of new shops added and lots of opening day freebies and dollarbies up for grabs, they are mostly located underneath the christmas tree behind the gogowood sign, but some of them are located in the stores. Since there are plenty to get , I only picked a couple to show. Have fun!

juicy bella sim
Outfits from Left to Right:
Dress: *katat0nik*: (pink) Rina Dress @ Juicy Bella
Necklace: Swallowtail: Juicy Necklace

Outfit: *~JABS~* Red Tube and Jeans
Toy on shoulder: [PINK FUEL] Baby Panda Juicy Edition

Dress: Rory's Silver Sequin Dress

There are some tops for guys that could be found over there too.

juicy sim
Tops from Left to Right on Venturino:
Top: Pig - Freebie Pink Polo Shirt
Top: Parkin Designs - Freebie Tee


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