The D-listers wishlist.

Oh yes, we do have one each! And they're such long lists (at least for me, well on second thoughts, both our lists are long). We don't care about haters this time who will trash us for shamelessly (and greedily) asking for stuff, because (quote Prudence) haters make us look fab.

We freebie bloggers want to look fab all the time and take pictures of ourselves in glamorous clothings too, we drool over nice skins, nice hair, nice clothings, nice everything, and now is the perfect time (hey, it's christmas!) to ask for it. We have worked hard and have been super nice ever since we started off in SL, and now we are asking for a wee bit of stuff! And here are the lists:

buy me stuff

Vent's list:

Gift Credit

Aitui and AC Store gift card

Abyss Scorpio_Origin Skin Set [1] or [2] (fatpack)

or Millage Valenti skins (fatpack)

My list:

Paper Couture , Zaara, Shai, Bijou gowns, Den-dou skin in lighter tone, Giraffes by Vooner, all could be exclusively found in the Black Swan Sim

The bearhug chairs and playground stuff from Chicanery or the huge squirrels and the robot chair and the brown travel sling bag from Plod

Maitreya Billow/Soho Boots

Stiletto Moody Slouch Boots

Those are what we ask for this christmas. Drop us presents if you think we deserve them, if not (and think that we are asking for too much), that's totally okay with us, we will still be updating you with the fab side of good deals in SL anyways. Happy Holidays, everyone! :D


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