Hunt and Gifts

There's a hunt on at Lookr and there's 7 boxes to be found around the store that contain various stuff for both men and ladies. Hoorenbeek is giving away a pair of sneakers for free and it is located under the christmas tree. Go grab it now before they are gone.

Coat: Lookr: Beaten Santa ~ Green (1L)

Shoes: [hoorenbeek] SuperStar (0L, under the Christmas tree)

P/s: Thanks Linda and JasonX for the info. :D


where are the jeans from?

21/12/08 5:39 AM  

I got it from, Armidi Limited - (M) Lowrise Jeans Original [Classic Dark]

21/12/08 9:43 PM  

Glad you had fun at the hunt: enjoy Lookr!

23/12/08 2:21 PM  

Lookr hunt doesn't appear to be going on anymore. I couldn't find anything but the announcement in the store.

24/12/08 1:15 AM  

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