Guess Who's who?

Thanks to Katx, we were transformed into cute little tinies (get it here, tiny box behind the rack and hurry before it's gone)

Snowman Tiny
we are unique!
Snowman Tiny
can you tell which one is Katx, Ding or me?

(answer: the one in glasses is me, the one with a flower brooch is Katx, and the one with nothing is Ding.)


Aw, I was gonna guess the one with glasses was Katkin :( I fail it.

18/12/08 11:38 AM  

OMG! adorable !! xx

18/12/08 12:22 PM  

Aww, so adorable!

18/12/08 12:54 PM  

Nivaya: I am the one who is always wearing glasses :D

Zimmy and Ashe: Yeah, this tiny av is really adorable. I really like it.!!

20/12/08 8:09 PM  

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