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Just in case you are curious, these are some of the things that we do when we are not posting:

family affair
playing the piano @home

watching SLTV @home

What do you do when you have nothing to do in SL? Please leave a comment and tell us how you spend your spare time, I would like to know : )


I invade sims with my wheelchair, voice talk with ma friends or build stuffs for ma new shop.

You're invited to go checks it out btw its at the new mall at the Sweeter than Candy shop, dont have the slurl yet but its on ma picks. ;D

14/12/08 3:36 AM  

I shoot stuffs at Vadoo reef

I also flirt o.o;;; Thats all i mainly do xD

14/12/08 5:54 AM  

Well.. I take pictures, of everything, and everyone, I post them on flickr.. or we do hunts, and spend time together.
Just Hunter and I.. or Hunter, Shawn, and I... or Shawn and I... can you say.. TRIANGLE?

oh, and spend alot of time over at legend kingdom rping.

wit the boys

14/12/08 8:41 AM  

omg sorting Inventory ! I have been globe tramatized! candy cane tramatized, cookies, snowballs,turkey feathers,snowmen.... HELP ! hahahaa lets not forget the advent calanders, someone send me coffee and a light I cant see out of this pile!

14/12/08 10:23 AM  

I explore, and I sort out my inventory.

By the way, the home looks pretty nice^^

14/12/08 12:13 PM  

I am usually at my house or I am exploring SL. I love taking pictures of pretty sims.

Your house looks lovely. =)

14/12/08 1:09 PM  

Right now, I'm forced to do nothing in SL due to finals. Otherwise, I try to build something to be productive, or I cuddle with my partner. I recently completely redesigned our house so it was more cuddle-friendly. But I'm often freebie-hunting, so 'nothingness' is limited. :P

14/12/08 1:48 PM  

You sit around and take pictures of what you are doing...Interesting...

14/12/08 10:55 PM  

I log off! :)

14/12/08 11:25 PM  

sort my inventory.. get freebies ... sort my inventory.. get freebieS. REPEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

15/12/08 5:40 AM  

Well, I take pictures, of me friends, anything. A recent tragedy with my HD has erased most of my older and more sensitive, private screenshots. :(
Oh well, at least the ones I had uploaded survived, they pretty much begin early in my SL, so I can always look back at how I was when I was new and be glad I'm over that now.

I was thinking of using screenshots to tell a story, but for that to be exactly the way I want I need to work out the story and find fitting outfits, scenery, poses and convince my friends to take part in 15 minutes per screenshot :P

I ride my bike, I find it soothing, there are sims that let you test drive a bike so you can get friends to ride with you, if they don't lag too bad.
And of course riding with friends has 100 new opportunities to take a screenshot.

You can be out in a sandbox and work together to build something, I'm not such a great builder so I just get in the way. :P

Of course scan SL Exchange for free items that can be fun, each item could be interesting for 15 minutes then it's back to normal.

But keep posting suggestions, it's great to hear tings I wouldn't have though of.

16/12/08 6:26 AM  

When I was not homeless, I redecorated my house, occasionally. I also do the freebie and dollarbie hunting, as well as organize my inventory frequently. Hanging out with friends at their cool and unusual houses is fun. IMing people just to say "hi" is also something I do, but leave it at that because that gets annoying. I love Jane Primrose's comment ;) It might just be the best thing to do so you don't get burnt out.

16/12/08 8:43 AM  

Lili: that sounds fun. Will definitely check out your store :)

Fabien: flirt O.O hehe

Softouchblog: that’s what I do too minus rping

Azure: O.o you might need LOTS OF COFFEE

Ashe: thanks :)

Natasha: thank you :)

Green: Good luck in your finals

Anon: yeah, that’s something I like to do

Jane: clever :D

Anon: you might want to get out from this cycle -_-

Munchie: sorry to hear about your HD. It is indeed fun to see how we transformed from blockheads to what we are today!

Berly: haha, yeah having fun with a bunch of friends is one of the best past time, and of the funnest thing to do in SL

p/s: It seemed like almost everyone has problem with sorting out inventory. So, I think I am not alone. :D

16/12/08 11:36 AM  

I don't have a problem, I have a systematic chaos. :P

16/12/08 2:14 PM  

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