This is not a review, but a dedication to the talented Jojo of Runoruno. I love these fierce looking dresses to bits and if you want them, you can get it here, also available in black, for 50L each. But if you love them all, you could get the fatpack that consist all three styles in black and white for only 200L.

love runo!
From Left to Right:
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Dinner (50L)
~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Cocktail (50L)
~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Evening (50L)

I love RunoRuno!


I picked these up yesterday too! They are fantastic!

18/12/08 9:57 AM  

Oh, nipples...o.o

18/12/08 11:37 AM  

nipples are essential in great art like these

18/12/08 4:52 PM  

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