For the foot fetish

More on the Footprint hunt, thus more goodies up for grab. Just in case you don't know what you are looking for, they are gingerbread man and red/green stockings hidden in really unseen places, please zoom your camera around when you are searching for them. Here are some of the goodies grabbed from the hunt.

footprint hunt
Hair: ***R's Hair Style @ QRI: "Kay"silk white (type /02 helb in local chat to get it)
Skin: !FootPrintHunt! NATURA Designs X'mas skin for female (green stocking in the tree)
From Left to Right:
Dress: !FootPrintHunt! C'est la vie!: Pucci Dress (cookie beside the board)

Top: !FootPrintHunt!magitake shop: color down jacket (green stocking on the table)
Skirt: !FootPrintHunt! !*G^G*!: check skirt (green stocking on bench)
Shoes: !FootPrintHunt! R2 fashion: Malama (red stocking on tree)

Dress: Footprint Hunt*MIU*:sundaydress (green stocking on the floor)

Necklace: !FootPrintHunt!Shampooo: Clock Necklace (red stocking on tree)
Skirt: Footprint Hunt*MIU*mondayskirt
(cookie on the table)

Just in case you don't know Stiletto Moody is having THE sale for the group members, 40% off all previous stuff, no sales for gift purchases or fatpacks. If you are not planning to buy anything, you have to stop by and see this ... er...chopped down foot? I thought it look good when I saw it on the pictures and asked Zu to get me a pair ( Zu, get me the PC instead, lol), but after Larissa showed me, I went -.-". If you hate prim toes, wait till you see these:

amputee shoes
Larissa got her foot chopped down for this picture.

That's about it for tonight, have fun!


those feet freak me out, WHY feet, why not just toes! they look so mannequin like ! the shoes are beautiful, and the toe colors, but the prim feet uhh no. and No demos once again..


17/12/08 6:18 AM  

oh yeah, it totally freak me out too, my friend was telling me it looked like amputee feet. LOL.

The shoes are drop dead gorgeous though.

17/12/08 12:35 PM  

Was I supposed to click something before typing /02 helb into chat? I have tried several times and it doesn't seem to work for me as I have not gotten the hair :/
Cute pics btw :D

18/12/08 5:27 PM  

yeah, /number code. However I think the hunt has ended.

19/12/08 1:40 AM  

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