It's CSR again!

Remember the CSR event that I previously blogged during the summer? It's back with more goodies to be exchanged with the cards. For those of you who still don't know how to do the CSR, here's the instructions:

1. Go to the 20 participating stores (info could be found here) and buy something within 12/20~1/18. Note that some stores have certain merchandise that comes with the card, and some others have cards included in all their items, these items with cards included are usually priced above 100L.

2. After you are done with all your shopping/collecting cards, attach them to your hud, or wear it to your body, don't feel awkward for having too many cards on your body because that's the trend in CSR. Then start Tping to all 20 participating locations (Get SLURLs here) to have your cards stamped. The machines are usually located at very visible places in store (lobby, entrance). The cards are transferable, just in case you don't know what to get your friends this christmas, you can always give them one of these stamped cards and let them pick their own present!

3. Once you have all the cards stamped with 20 stamps, you can go here to exchange your cards with the gifts that you want. More instructions on how, read this.

These are some of the things that I exchanged with my cards this morning:

Hair: * 0 Style *CSR2008w Gift*
Bolero: !_Ce Cubic effect BOLERO
Balloon/Nose: CSR Chica-P.J. Bellyflops Buddy

Hair: ::69:: FISHBONE Hair + BERET (CSR Winter 2008)
Bicycle: HPMD* WonderCycle (CSR2008 Winter)
Lamb: <>Lamb Yuki&Shirosaku "CSR2008Winter Gift"

Bunny AV: CSR:*yumyum*stoory of a bunny:gray
Tee: CSR2008Winter Souvenir (Get it from the Event Hall)

Have fun CSRing!


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