Dresses for the party!

Haven't found the perfect dress for the holiday party? Here are two dresses from Baiastice and Icing that will save you from all the hassle and won't burn any of your linden.

Dress: Baiastice@ BOSL POE gift #346: GreenSnake_lil dress
Dress: *ICING* Gift: Vixen in Ruby (Join Icing Group and check notices/ subscribo gift)

Good night!


Those dresses are perfect, but those shoes are HOT. :)

16/12/08 8:25 AM  

haha, those are from Armidi.

16/12/08 11:21 PM  

250L$ for an UPDATE group???
THAT is NO freebie / dollarbie.

20/12/08 2:02 PM  

Join the subscribo Anon, don't join the group.

20/12/08 2:48 PM  

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