It's the hunt season

Lots of hunts going on right now, so we are picking stuff from here and there to show you what you can get from these fun events.

Firstly there is this Amplify Hunt will last for a week, 25 dollarbie candy canes (various stuff) to be found all over the mainstore, in and out, not a hair pulling hunt, so have fun! Then there is this FootPrintHunt which is a Japanese Version of POE but way harder (the gingerbreadman and red/green stockings to be found are really small and hidden in unseen places), heavy camming is needed, but worth all that headache because there are lots of good stuff waiting for you to grab. I don't know how many gifts are set up there, the last I heard was 28 and is still adding. This hunt will end on 12/25 and the starting point is here.

This post is a combination of Amplify Hunt and Footprints Hunt, Advent gifts from Ivalde and Artilleri and other gifts. Look at the picture below and grab what you like:

Chair: !FootPrintHunt! #Frolic: 1P Oldwood Chair p1 - GL/RD (under the drums)

On Vent:
Top: amplify #11 candy cane hunt:* skull'wing t (1L)
Pants: !FootPrintHunt! Algernon: Side Slit Denim Pants

On Ding:
Hair: !FootPrintHunt!+*glitter hair*+: nono-ash
Skin: (Milk Motion) special skin for The Hotel Dare (1L)
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift *15 *: Silja 70s
Pose: !Footprint Hunt! +KiiToS!!+ (under the table)
Ring: !FootPrintHunt!:::Sole Accessory:::. Rhombic Black Dia Ring (red socks, zoom under the floor)

Hair: !FootPrintHunt!W&Y: You
From Left to Right:
Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly- Crying (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Top: amplify#15 candy cane hunt: zippedtop-green(1L)

Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly- Christmas (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Top: amplify#2 candy cane hunt: zippedtop-red(1L)

Lanai and Ding :
Tops: /artilleri/ tacky christmas sweater :) (1L, Join Artilleri Group and get it here, 1 day only)

On Vent:
Top: DE Mens Winter 08 Sweater -LE-Green (0L, till 12/24, thanks Sexyback!)

More to come soon! Put on your hunting gears and start hunting now!


wow ding your face looks so much like lucy lu in this pic lol

17/12/08 10:16 PM  

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